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Monday, July 1
Unity, Tolerance and Acceptance
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Why do we eat gefilta fish on shabbat?

Q: Why do we eat Gefilta Fish on Shabbat? It smells a little funny and feels a little slimy, wouldn’t regular fish be okay?


A: You can eat whatever fish you want (as long as it’s kosher) but there is a reason why your grandmother served Gefilta fish on Shabbat. The origin of this dish is a prohibition on Shabbat called “Borer–sorting.” What that means is that it’s forbidden to sort “bad from good.” For example, if I had a box with rotten apples and good apples I would not be allowed to remove the bad apples. So, fish presented a problem. How do I get the bones out of the fish? The bones are what I don’t want so it’s “Bad” and the fish is what I want so it’s “good”. To take care of this issue they invented Gefilte Fish, where the fish and bones are ground together so there is no need to separate anything.