Contact BINA

337 Old South Head road
North Bondi NSW 2026

Phone: +61 2 9365 4421 (Phone lines are tended to between 9am and 8pm)
Fax: +61 2 8078 4096


Rabbi Michoel Gourarie

Founder and director of Bina. Born in South Africa and educated in the U.S and Australia, Rabbi Gourarie holds a Masters of Education and is an enthusiastic educator. His passion is in the area of Personal Growth using ideas from ancient Jewish wisdom and applying them to modern living. Rabbi Gourarie lectures on a wide range of topics with a special emphasis on Self Development, including self-esteem, communication, well attended, structured and informative. He is the author of "All on Thursday Morning".

Rabbi Levi Gourarie

Rabbi Levi is a true leader at BINA. After studying in Yeshivat abroad, he obtained his simcha in Brooklyn, New York. After study in Kollel in Melbourne, he joined the BINA team. Since then he has made a tremendous impact on his students and also the growth of BINA in general, attracting a large group of young adults who have studied at Yeshivot and are seeking to further their studies in Sydney.

Rabbi Yaacov Chaiton

A truly global educator, Rabbi Chaiton studied in many Yeshiva around the world, including New York, Canada and Israel. He obtained his simcha in New York. He is a passionate educator renowned for clarity and pedagogical skills. In addition to delivering lectures at BINA, Rabbi Chaiton is also the Principal at Kesser Torah College.