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Monday, July 1
Unity, Tolerance and Acceptance
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What is Shushan Purim

Q: Someone told me that today is called “Shushan Purim.” What does that mean? I’m sort of exhausted from all of yesterday’s celebrations and I don’t really feel like doing another Purim!

A: You can relax. There is no need to get dressed up again today. But it is a special day. In the time of the Purim story, all the Jewish people outside of the capital city of Shushan fought against their enemies on the 13th of Adar and rested on the 14th. In Shushan, they fought the war for an additional day and only rested on the 15th Adar. Shushan was a walled city so they instituted that while everyone else celebrates Purim on the 14th Adar, a walled city (that has a wall from the days of Joshua) should celebrate on the 15th, which is today. That’s why in Jerusalem, Purim is today on the 15th of Adar.

Although for us it’s not actually Purim we still add in extra joy today because its “Shushan Purim.”

Happy Shushan Purim!