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How important is eating the egg on Seder night?

Q: I really don’t like eggs, so I would like to know how; important is eating the egg at the Seder? I’ve observed many people make a big deal about it, yet we don’t make a blessing over it like we do for other things at the Seder?

A: It’s very important to have an egg on the Seder plate but it is not critical to actually eat it. Matza, Maror, and the four cups of wine are obligations by the Seder but eating the egg isn’t. It’s what we call a minhag, a custom. In Judaism, customs are very important as well but if you really dislike eating eggs you can give it a miss. But like everything at the Seder, the egg has a lot of depth and meaning to it. Let me share with you one idea:

The egg when laid is already something that can be used, it can be eaten as an egg. However, that is not the ultimate purpose of an egg. The real purpose is to become a live chicken. So too is the story of our own personal growth, our personal exodus from Egypt. Every step of growth is valuable in its own right, one time we push ourselves to do better is priceless. But we should never look at that one step as the end of our journey. We must continue to aspire to become “a full chicken” using our full potential to be a better and more Godly human being.

Whether you eat the egg or not, I hope you internalize this message.