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Mezuzah & Tefillin Services

Mezuzah & Tefillin Services

Welcome to BINA's newest initiative. Here at BINA where our goal is to educate and inspire the Sydney Jewish community we have just launched our Mezuzah and Tefillin service centre

We are also proud to welcome to the BINA team, Rabbi Shlomo Israel who is known throughout Sydney for his expertise in safrus and meticulous nature when it comes to the mitzva of Mezuzah and Tefillin

As part of this new service BINA will be supplying quality mezuzot and tefillin that will all come with BINA's stamp of Kashrut. You can also drop your mezuzot and tefillin into the BINA office to be checked by Rabbi Israel.

For more details please contact the BINA office:

Tel: 02-9365-4421



Current Services we offer

Mezuzah Checking - $10 per Kosher Mezuzah (If found to be not kosher only $5)

Tefillin Checking - $95 per a set (If found to be not kosher only $45)

New Mezuzahs starting at $66

New Tefillin starting at $495


We also provide Tefillin repair services, strap replacements, call out services, home and office mezuzah assesments and Tzitzit repairs

If you are looking to have a personilsed ketubah, donate a Sefer Torah or repair a Sefer Torah. BINA can assist you and provide a personal, hassle free service to meet your needs

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