Kayemet provides a space for young adults to explore, strengthen and engage in conversations around healthy relationships, mental health and meditation/mindfulness. Incorporating and combining Jewish wisdom with relevant and contemporary knowledge, strategy and experience.

This project is supported by the Freiberg family in memory of Aviva Bat David Dov (Carli Freiberg) who was a vibrant source of strength and inspiration

Upcoming Events

Young Adult Mindful Minyan
All Young Adults (18-30) are invited to a unique Friday night experience, where Mindfulness, Meditation and Prayer meet. Experience serenity, prayer and Shabbat using mindfulness and meditation.
With Rabbi Gourarie & Rabbi Levi
Friday Night, 16th August
5:30 PM - Wine and Whisky
6:00 PM - Mindful Minyan 
At the home of Jodie Rosenberg (For address contact Rabbi Levi on 0411 837 013)
For Young Adults (18-30)

Learn to Communicate
A Jewish approach to balanced, healthy and deep relationships with an emphasis on effective communication
With Rabbi Michoel Gourarie
Thursday – 26th September
7:30 PM
At the home of Gemma and Ariel in North Bondi (For address contact Rabbi Levi on 0411 837 013)
For Young Adults (18-30)

Renewal with Mindfulness
Start off the new year with a sense of renewal using mindfulness, meditation and the shofar to become aware of your inner self and full potential
Guide: Rabbi Michoel Gourarie
30th September – 4:15 PM
For young adults (18-30)
At the home of Nicola Berman (For address contact Levi on 0411 837 013




Relationships. Wellbeing. Spirituality.