At BINA we’ve been providing the community with diverse Jewish learning for 25 years. From humble beginnings to a dynamic focussed operation today, the demand is growing for even more of what BINA has to offer; powerful, authentic and relevant learning experiences.

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What they say

There's nothing like our people & programs

BINA exists to ensure Jewish continuity through authentic, powerful and unique learning experiences for all.

To keep doing this we need raise funds for our people & programs. We need to strengthen and expand the current BINA offerings and significantly increase the impact throughout the community.

Our People

Your generosity will help us support all our current teachers and staff and allow us to employ new team members in the vital areas of teaching and marketing.

Our Programs

Your help will allow us to develop and expand our programs in all of our streams for adults and young adults and to expand our technology platform via a BINA app and enhanced social media.

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Reaching 3000 people every week

Jewish history has proven that the single constant ingredient to Jewish continuity and survival is Jewish learning. That’s why our focus will always be maximising impact and output for the community. We have always done this with modest resources and tight financial discipline.

Now, as we turn 25, we want to impact even more people and offer you more - to keep the Jewish spirit alive and to ensure continuity.

Please consider being part of this mission today.

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