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Featured Classes

Summer Learning Experience 2012

Summer Learning Experience 2012

In the BINA Library and Resource Centre

25 December 2012 - 1 January 2013

Cost: $15 per day or $65 for the week (excluding 1 January 2013)

337 Old South Head Rd North Bondi


Session One: 10am – 11am – A choice of four streams

Men’s textual Shiur - 25 December - 31 December

with Rabbi Danny Eisenberg

“In depth Talmud”

When is the moment of death starting from the Gemora Yuma


Women’s Textual Shiur

  • Tuesday 25thJacob’s Blessings - The Foundation of the Jewish Nation Part 1Mrs Dina gourarie
  • Wednesday 26th  - Jacob’s Blessings - The Foundation of the Jewish Nation Part 2 with Mrs Dina Gourarie
  • Thursday 27th  - Jacob’s Blessings  - The Foundation of the Jewish Nation Part 3 with Mrs Dina Gourarie
  • Friday 28th  - King Solomon’s 12 Step Program with Mrs Renee Mill
  • Monday 31th   - Prayer - Women in Tefilah with Mrs Deborah Blackman


Variety of topics with Rabbi Aaron Moss (men and women)

  • Tusday 25th  - Superstitions
  • Wednesday 26th  - The Kohen with the Long Eyebrows
  • Thursday 27th   - Will Gentiles be Resurrected?
  • Friday 28th   - Adoption in Halacha


NEW! The Best of Personal Growth with Rabbi  Michoel Gourarie (men and women)

  • Tuesday 25th  - Forgiveness Part 1 – What is it?
  • Wednesday 26th  - Forgiveness Part 2 – How to do it
  • Thursday 27th   - Ambition or Jealosy - Good or Bad?
  • Friday 28th  - Strengths and Weaknesses – What to do with them?
  • Monday 31th     - Truth or Peace – Is it ever okay to lie?


Session  Two – 11:00am – 12:00noon

Panel discussions and lectures

  • Tuesday 25th  - Mamzer - The (almost) unsolvable quandary of halachic illegitimacy

Rabbi Aron Moss

  • Wednesday 26th  - The Case of the poisonous Sandwich -  Protecting ourselves at the expense of others

Rabbi Michoel Gourarie

  • Thursday 27th   - Goal Setting - Joseph's Way

Rabbi Yaakov Lieder

  • Friday 28th  - The Secrets of Torah Scrolls, Tefillin and Mezuzot

Rabbi Michoel Gourarie and Rabbi Shlomo Israel

  • Monday 31th   Inheritance and Jewish Law

Rabbi David Freedman


New year BBQ on Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Cost: $15 per person, $50 per family of 4 ($5 for additional family members)

Pool the Shuls

Are there to many synagogues in Sydney?

A panel discussion on this intruiging topic.


Children’s Program:

While you learn we will take care of your children (Bookings Essential)

Babies and Toddlers 1-4 – Babysitting for little ones

Cost: $15 per child per day or $65 for the whole week


Children 5-7 years

Structured  arts and crafts, Davening , learning and lots of fun

Cost: $15 per child per day or $65 for the whole week


Children 8-12 years

Boys and Girls program alternating between shiur and arts and crafts program

Cost: $18 per child per day or $75 for the whole week

Family rates for all children activities available

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How do I register for this program?



040 330 4199

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