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Featured Classes

Summer Learning Experience

Summer Learning Experience

Join BINA for our annual Summer Learning Experience and enjoy our wide variety of classes from leading lecturers and Rabbis from across the Sydney Jewish community.

Session one: 10:00 – 11:00am

Choose from one of these four amazing classes each day;

Wednesday 25 December – Tuesday 31 December

Men's Talmud Shiurim with Rabbi Yaacov Chaiton
Mitzvah of Living in Israel
From Gemora Kesubos and an in depth analysis of classic and contemporary texts


Women's Textual Shiurim:

Wednesday 25 December - Parsha Secrets with Dina Gourarie
Thursday 26 December - Defeating the Zodiac – How Chana’s 7 sons confronted the stars with Nechama Dina Moss
Friday 27 December - no shiur (please join Rabbi Moss or Rabbi Gourarie)
Monday 30 December - Parsha Secrets with Dina Gourarie
Tuesday 31 December - Hidden Meanings of the Amida with Rivka Aaron


Various Topics with Rabbi Aron Moss for Men and Women

Wednesday 25 December - Should Marijuana be Legal?
Thursday 26 December - Dinosaurs
Friday 27 December - The Rebellious Son in the Torah
Monday 30 December - Rabbinic Stance on Child Abuse
Tuesday 31 December - What Percentage Can Charity Collectors Keep?


The Best of Personal Growth with Rabbi Michoel Gourarie (Men and Welcome)

Wednesday 25 December - Precious Moments - Time Management with Jewish Values.
Thursday 26 December - Managing Conflict Effectively    
Friday 27 December - Masculine and Feminine Energy (a formula from the weekly Parsha)
Monday 30 December - Happiness - Is it Worth Pursuing?
Tuesday 31 December - The Role of Dark Emotions


Session Two – Lectures and Panel Discussion 11am- 12noon

Wednesday 25 December – Thank You For Not Making Me a Woman with Rabbi Aron Moss

Thursday 26 December – To B(T) or to (FF)B
A candid conversation on Jewish life as seen through the eyes of a Baal Teshuva and someone Frum from Birth

Friday 27 December - But I Bought it in Israel? Real case studies of what can be wrong with Mezuzot and Tefillin with Rabbi Michoel Gourarie and Rabbi Shlomo Israel

Monday 30 December - Judaism Versus the Real World - Professional Liability with Rabbi Elie Farkas

 Tuesday 31 December - The Luz Bone - it's location, purpose and significance with Rabbi Yaacov Chaiton

NEW!! THIS YEAR (night session)
Monday Night 30 December - 8:00pm - 9:15pm
Perspective or Priority
An interactive discussion, sparking robust and introspective debate on the priorities in your life with Rabbi Yaacov Chaiton


Wednesday 1st January 2014
And a welcome for Moshe and Estee Gourarie (son and daughter in law of Rabbi and Mrs Gourarie)
2014 – Challenges and Opportunities 
How is the modern world shaping our personalities, relationships and our functionality
A special live video lecture with renowned USA psychologist
Dr David Pelcovitz


Cost per person: $12 per day or $50 for the week

Childrens program avaulable - BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL

Cost per child: $15 per day or $70 for the entire week prepaid

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