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C.J.E. Course of Jewish Essentials

C.J.E. Course of Jewish Essentials

NEW C.J.E. Course of Jewish Essentials

Eight structured modules covering the basics and essentials of Jewish learning. This term – Jewish History Overview

-with Rabbi Levi

8:15pm - 9:15pm

1 November to the 6 December (No class on the 15 November)

BINA 337 Old South Head Rd, North Bondi

MEN and WOMEN welcome



$35 Single per term
$60 Couple per term

02 9365 4421 or email office@bina.com.au



Course of Jewish Essentials


Eight structured modules covering the basics and essentials of Jewish learning.

Aim of the course: Informative, interesting and critical knowledge to fill in the gaps of basic Jewish knowledge.

The course is structured in eight modules with each one taught in one Bina term. Each Semester will be independent so that participants can start at the beginning of any semester.

C.J.E will begin in Term 1 of 2017 and will run until the end of Term 4, 2018. At that time the course will be repeated to enable those that started late to complete the program.


Course Modules:

1)      Foundations – The building blocks of Judaism

2)      Jewish Learning and the development of Jewish Law

3)      Jewish Life Cycle

4)      Jewish History overview

5)      Prayer and Synagogue navigation

6)      Famous personalities and their contribution

7)      The Jewish Calendar

8)      A typical Jewish Day


Every module will contain:

-          A range of topics (outlined below)

-          Texts and source material

-          A List of important Hebrew words and phrases relevant to the topic

-          Links and sources for additional reading and research


Course outline 


1)      Foundations

-          Foundations of Monotheism

-          Torah from Sinai

-          Oral and Written Torah

-          Reward and Punishment

-          Free Choice

-          Prophecy

-          The Messianic revelation


2)      Jewish Learning and development of Jewish law

-          Definition of Written Torah and Oral Torah

-          System of Learning throughout the ages

-          Biblical Law, Rabbinic law and custom

-          The Sanhedrin

-          The dynamics of Halachik dispute and debate 

-          The importance of Jewish learning and education

-          What is Mishna

-          What is Gemora and Talmud

-          Mysticism and the Study of Kabbalah


3)      Jewish life cycle

-          Significance of Jewish life cycle

-          Birth

-          Shalom Zachor and Bris

-          Celebrating the birth of a Girl

-          Opshern

-          A minor in Jewish law

-          Bar and Bat Mitzvah

-          Marriage and Relationships

-          Death and Mourning


4)      Jewish History overview

-          Understanding the Jewish time line from creation until now

-          Genesis of nation and Egypt

-          Mt Sinai

-          Israel pre-first Temple

-          First Temple

-          Babylonian Exile

-          Second Temple

-          Periods of Torah Authorities

-          Sefardim Ashkenazim

-          Creation of the Chassidic Movement

-          Holocaust

-          Modern day isreal and Jewish life


5)      Prayer and Synagogue Navigation

-          What is prayer

-          Who needs to pray

-          The author of our prayers

-          The Siddur

-          Structure of prayer (weekday, shabbos, Yom Tov etc)

-          The Minyan

-          Structure of Synagogue prayer

-          Synagogue layout

-          Synagogue practices

-          Torah reading- background and structure

-          Haftora and related concepts


6)      Famous personalities and their contribution

-          Jewish Leadership

-          Styles of Jewish Leadership throughout the ages

-          Patriarchs and Matriarchs

-          Moshe, Aaron and Miriam

-          King David

-          Ezra

-          Rabi Shimon Bar Yochai

-          Reb Yehuda Hanasi

-          Rashi

-          Rambam

-          Reb Yosef Karo

-          Arizal

-          Baal Shem Tov


7)      The Jewish Calendar

-          Jewish Calendar system

-          The significance of the Lunar Calendar

-          Shabbos and Yom Tov

-          Rosh Chodesh

-          Basic Shabbos customs and their meaning

-          Pesach

-          Omer and Shavuot

-          Fast days, the three weeks andTisha B’av

-          Rosh Hashana

-          Yom Kippur

-          Sukot and Simchat Torah

-          Chanukah

-          Purim


8)      A typical Jewish day

-          Modeh Ani and Washing hands

-          Categories of Diffeent blessings

-          Tefilin

-          Kashrut

-          Blessings before and after food

-          Mezuza

-          Tzedaka

-          Profession and Business conduct

-          Medical

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