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The Final Journey - Part 4

by Rabbi Michoel Gourarie

Everything you want/need to know about death, mourning, the journey of the soul, Kaddish and anything else related from a Jewish perspective


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What we will be covering throughout the course:
1.    End of life decisions
2.    Recital of Shema, Confession and other customs closer to the end
3.    What happens at the moment the Soul leaves the body
4.    Role of Chevra Kadisha
5.    Where is the Soul  - Part One
6.    Aninut - What happens between the passing and the funeral?
7.    Purification process, Burial etc.
8.    The Mitzvah of the funeral and practices that surround it
9.    Kria'ah - The tearing of the garments
10.    Mourning and the grief process  -  7 days, 30 days, 12 months
11.    Where is  the Soul -  Part two
12.    Kaddish and its meaning and its benefits
13.    Comforting the mourner and practices in the house of mourning
14.    The Matzeiva - The monument stone
15.    Doing things for the elevation of the soul
16.    Yahrtzeit


Rabbi Gourarie holds his Personal Growth Series during the 4 BINA Terms throughout the year. To see when the next series starts view our class schedule in the classes section of the website

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