Shabbat Customs Part 2 - Shabbat Project Prep ­ Audio Download ­ BINA

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Shabbat Customs Part 2 - Shabbat Project Prep

by Rabbi Levi Gourarie

A series of programs leading up to The Shabbat Project - To make the experience more meaningful, inspirational and deep...


Click on the links below to navigate to different parts in the series

Lecture 1 - The Kabbalah of the Gefilte Fish

Lecture 2 - Shabbat and Mindfulness

Lecture 3 - Shabbat Customs Part 1

Lecture 4 - Shabbat Customs Part 2

Lecture 5 - Shabbat as a Coach


Rabbi Levi and Rabbi Gourarie holds his Series during the 4 BINA Terms throughout the year. To see when the next series starts view our class schedule in the classes section of the website

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