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S.T.E.P. Module 5 - Part 6

by Rabbi Yaacov Chaiton

Prayer and Synagogue Navigation

History of the Siddur, Prayer, Prayer Structure, Various Nusachot

What is Prayer? - Who Needs to Pray? - The Author of our Prayers? and more questions answered.

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Part 1 - History of the Synagogue & Internal Layout of a Synagogue

Part 2 - External Structure of Synagogue, Synagogue Personnel and their duties

Part 3 - Conduct and general things to know about shul and Torah reading

Part 4 - The Torah Reading Service

Part 5 - Things done at the Torah Reading Histiory of the Siddur and Prayer

Part 7 - Intent in Prayer - A run through the daily prayer services


Rabbi Chaiton holds his S.T.E.P. Series during the 4 BINA Terms throughout the year. To see when the next series starts view our class schedule in the classes section of the website

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