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The Goal

The Goal

by Rabbi Michoel Gourarie

The Torah begins by describing the six days of creation. When G-d made the universe the first thing He created was light. This seems strange, because nothing existed yet that could benefit from the light. There were no trees that needed rays of light to grow and no animals or people who use the light to see. So why was light the first creation?

Everything we do should have a goal. Random and aimless life experiences are empty and purposeless. Before we begin doing anything it is important to clarify what the purpose is and what we wish to achieve with the end result. We should always begin with the end in mind.

This concept was demonstrated by G-d when He created the universe. He didn't just create an existence with no purpose. It certainly was not just random or accidental. There is an underlying goal and theme that governs all of existence that was made unmistakably clear at the very beginning with the first Creation - light.

The goal is to generate light. Light represents clarity, warmth, brightness and holiness. Darkness represents confusion, emptiness and negativity. The purpose of existence is to transform darkness into light, turn challenge into opportunity and bring holiness into that which is unholy.

So before you embark on your next project, make sure you have the goal in mind from the start - to bring more sparkle and shine to the world. Let there be light.

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