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by Rabbi Michoel Gourarie

This week I received the following email:


Dear Rabbi Gourarie


BINA's Summer Learning Experience looks amazing. So many interesting topics and thought provoking lectures. But I am afraid I won't see you there. I work really hard and my family (my wife, children and other close relatives) barely see me. So I am committed to reserving public holidays for the family, and I will be spending Monday and Tuesday giving them some well-deserved attention. Please understand.




Busy Person


Dear Busy person


I completely understand and I couldn't agree with you more. In today's hectic and stressful world, the important people in our lives are often ignored and definitely don't get the love and consideration they deserve.  Tragically, often when it's too late we regret our priority structure and wish we could do it over again.  


So reserving public holidays (and Sundays) for family is a brilliant idea.




G-d is also family. In fact we refer to Him as our Father in Heaven. He is the source of all our blessings including our loved ones. He provides for us and blesses us with the big and small blessings of life.


Sadly, He too doesn't get the attention He deserves. Sometimes with our hectic schedules we barely squeeze Him in to spend some time with Him with prayer, Jewish learning or other Mitzvot.


So on your family day why not dedicate an hour for Him as well. If you can't come for both hours, come for one.

Spending time with your children will bring you joy and happiness. Spending time with your Father in Heaven will strengthen your soul and energise your spirit.


Hope to see you on Monday!

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