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by Rabbi Michoel Gourarie

Two weeks ago in your weekly article, you discussed our true age versus the one on our birth certificate. You explained that since our souls have been here before we absorb all the strength, inspiration and energy from our previous lives.

Now this might be good news for some but really bad news for others. What happens if the person that had my soul in a former life did many terrible things? I am not sure that I welcome this idea of picking up all the baggage of those that carried my soul before me. It might work if they were righteous but not if they were not so righteous. Please explain.

There are two important ideas that form the answer to your great question. Firstly, every person has good and bad. Besides some very rare exceptions, no one is perfect and no one is completely evil.

Secondly, positive and moral behaviour is eternal. When we engage in moral conduct or perform a good deed, it becomes part of our identity and the effect lasts forever. Good behaviour is irreversible.

Negative behaviour is not eternal and is reversible. Even when we behave badly, it never becomes part of who we are. A negative action is like a stain on a garment that can be washed, or like dust on furniture that can be wiped away. When a soul leaves this world, it sometimes needs to go through a cleansing process to wash away any negativity. But once that is over the bad is gone and the soul is left only with the good that is there to stay forever.

Those who had your soul before did an abundance of good. In the event that they might have also failed, the negative impact has disappeared long ago. So do not worry, there is only good news, you are spiritually very mature. Use your potential to the fullest.

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