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Is That an Angel On Your Shoulder?

by Rabbi Aron Moss

I have been looking into the topic of angels and I have a question. Are there new angels being born every day, or were all angels created once by G-d and that's it?
Angels are not only made by G-d. You make them too. All the time.
Every action we do elicits a spiritual reaction. When a person does a good deed, a pocket of positive energy is released into the universe. An angel is born. My deed may have taken only a second, but the world is changed forever for the better, as the angel of my deed lives on.
But the same applies for bad deeds. When an evil act is committed, a bad angel is created. The sinful act becomes personified in a negative force that corrupts and taints the world, an angel of destruction.
These angels follow us around. We made them, so we bear them. Our good angels stay with us, protect us and help us do more good.  And our bad angels haunt us, pollute our spiritual surroundings and pull us down.
But we need not be alarmed. We can rid ourselves of these spooky beings. If we truly regret our misdeeds, take responsibility by admitting our wrong, apologizing where needed, and resolve not to repeat them, we suck the life force out of those negative angels and they disappear. They can only survive if we let them.
Not so for the good angels. They live forever. Because evil is just a necessary evil, a conditional existence that is only there so we have free choice. It can be vanquished. But goodness is forever. Your good deeds can never be taken away, and your good angels stay with you for eternity. So what angels have you made today?
Tzemach Tzedek Derech Mitzvosecha 38b

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