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Can You Interpret Dreams?

Can You Interpret Dreams?

by Rabbi Aron Moss


Do you dream interpretations? I have been told as a girl that to dream about losing your teeth is a bad sign. I have had a few times such dreams and when I wake up I feel worried. Is it true and do we have to take dreams seriously?

You have nothing to worry about. I don't interpret dreams, but I can share with you what our sages say about it.

Indeed, the Talmud tells of the non-Jewish dream interpreter Bar Hedya, who told a rabbi that the dream of his teeth falling out means that his sons and daughters will die, and he will lose his appetite in his sorrow, and so not use his teeth.

It was later discovered that Bar Hedya would give a positive interpretation to a dream if he was paid, but if he wasn't paid he gave a negative interpretation. The weird thing was, the interpretations came true.

A great mystic known as Rabbi Yoel Baal Shem taught that the way you interpret a dream can actually have an effect on its realisation. The dream itself could go either way. If you say it's bad, it will be. If you label it as a good dream, then that's what will come about. And so he explained that teeth falling out can be seen as a wonderful dream.

Teeth are what we use to grind our food, so we can digest it. They represent the daily grind, the toil and effort we spend on making a living. Teeth falling out in your dream means that you will escape the grind, your income will come easily to you, you will not need to grind hard to eat.

Bar Hedya said teeth falling out means tragedy is coming. Rabbi Yoel Baal Shem said it's good news. You choose which interpretation you prefer.


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