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by Rabbi Michoel Gourarie

It's the middle of the night in Israel and I can't sleep (a combination of jet-lag and excitement). So here are just a few thoughts.

Today I (together with my wife Dina and my daughter Bayla) stood on four thousand years of Jewish history. We visited 'Ir David' (City of David), the original city of Jerusalem where it all started.

We stood on the place where Abraham travelled through with Issac to the temple mount for the "Akeida" (binding of Issac).
We were in the city where Tehilim (Psalms) was composed and next to the spring (known as the Gichon) where King Solomon was anointed king.

This spring still flows. Our tour guide, Tzvi lives in Ir David. This year for the first time in about two thousand years they baked Matzah there before Pesach and the water for the Matzot was drawn from this spring.

This is just one tiny example of Jewish history coming alive. Our link to this land is so deep. We are an eternal nation with an eternal link to our holy Torah, an eternal link to our holy land given to us by our eternal G-d.

We have an amazing and rich past with a bright and incredible future. It is up to us to strengthen that link by nurturing our conviction and pride to be part of this chain. This is only possible through knowledge and learning. We study to understand our history, heritage and purpose.

Our story is not an ancient one for history text books. It is a living experience still developing. Each of us has a lead role in the next chapter. We can do something every day to strengthen our part in the story.

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